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Weymouth Tree Surgeon - Tree application for tree protection orders and conservation areas in Weymouth, Dorchester, Portland, Dorset
Tree protection orders & conservation area

Tree Application Service - Tree Protection Order (TPO)

Tree Protection Order & Conservation Area

Your tree(s) may stand in a conservation area and / or have a Tree Protection Order (TPO). In order to carry out tree pruning, tree removal / felling on trees that stand in either conservation areas or that have tree protection orders (TPO) consent is required from your local council. Dorset Treeworx Ltd: Weymouth tree surgeons can aid you though the process and complete the tree application on your behalf. We can check your tree(s) with your local council to confirm if they are covered by any protection before any tree work starts. Fines can be given for any tree work with regards to protected trees or tree groups. We can complete the tree application on your behave and when completed the tree application is then processed by your local council. The application will receive a case officer to which is normally the Tree Officer for the area. A visit will be made to view the tree(s) regarding the work purposed. Time is allocated for the public to comment. The process usually takes 4-6 weeks with your local council but, the council may need more time if required. Finally, a decision will be made by the case officer to which, if the tree application passes with consent a date can be discussed to start the tree works. Tree applications usually last for 2 years. We help guide clients and process through the all process.
Tree Application Service in Weymouth, Dorchester, Portland - Dorset Treeworx Ltd

Tree Application Service - Stage 1

Tree visit & Estimate Cost

We listen, discuss and give advice to the tree work required. A written quotation / estimate is then emailed and await confirmation

Tree Application service process in Weymouth, Dorchester, Portland, Dorset

Tree Application Service - Stage 2

Tree Application Processing

We complete a tree application on your behalf with a description of the tree works required to the council to be processed. This can take between 4-6 weeks depending on the councils process time. 

Weymouth Tree Surgeon - tree climbing in Weymouth, Dorchester, Portland , Dorset

Tree Application Service - Stage 3

Consent & Booking a date

We will update you on the tree application progress though-out and with regards to consent for the tree works. Moving forward to then book a date that suits for the tree works to start.

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